A business is a business. A family is forever.
We believe there is no family gain that is worth a family loss.

It is easy to get tied up in knots over how to plan for the next generation of leaders in your organization.

The Mosaic Family Business Center provides coaching and guidance to individuals, families and organizational teams throughout the succession process. We help families and business teams work together better and create a platform for problem solving and future success.

Mosaic Family Business Center is committed to protecting your family's most precious asset: family harmony.

You can't run a family like a business and you certainly can't run a business like a family. The successful family unit is centered upon unconditional love and acceptance; successful business relationships are based upon talent, experience and accountability. When you mix these two entities together, you are bound to run into complications and conflicting objectives.

Addressing these emotional issues in a straightforward manner is complicated and you will need guidance from an experienced facilitator to help you. Achieving a win/win outcome means there are no losers. This requires a willingness for all parties to take a step back from their individual desires to achieve a bigger vision for the family and the organization.

Coaches & Advisors for Multi-Generational Organizations
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